Van Gogh Museum 4K Tour

4K Video Tour

Client: Wolfstreet Agency & Van Gogh Museum

Composition/performance: Devin de Vries, Bas van Win, Jeroen Jaspers

You may be at home, not able to leave. Or the museum is closed. But you want to enjoy the beauty of the paintings of Van Gogh. You want to be able walk in a room where the magic of this master can be felt. The Van Gogh Museum came up with the solution. We present the Van Gogh Museum 4K Video Tour. A virtual tour where you will not only enjoy the paintings but you will immerse yourself in a moment of wonder. A moment where music and art take you to another world. A world you can't even find in the museum itself.

We re-used tracks we already made for the Van Gogh Museum and made a "remix". We also composed two complete new tracks. The album will be released on spotify soon!