Aida Nova

The Time Machine Experience

In collaboration with Audiocult we made the music for the Time Machine Restaurant, a full immersive dinner experience on the Aida Nova, the biggest cruise ship in the world so far.

While your food gets served you are taken to the bottom of the ocean and travel to the city of Atlantis. In the meantime actors and acrobats play their part in the restaurant.

In the restaurant there are screens all around you where a film of 2 hours is playing. The film and the space are designed to make it look like you are really in a time machine where you leave the ship and go under water.

Multiple speakers are hidden in the restaurant so you also get a full immersive audio experience.

The music we composed for this project is mainly orchestral music and soundscapes.

If you are interested in hearing and seeing the end result you can visit the Aida Nova or contact us.